Is Your iPhone A Babysitter?

CaptureHave you ever seen anybody take a selfie, or tweet, or make a comment on Facebook? There are so many people that do that today. But, have you seen a little kid do that or even have a phone or play a game on their phone?

So many children in the world today under the age of eight have an electronic device of their own.

According to the New York Times a young two year old named Charlotte Deutsch owns her mom’s old iphone.  Charlotte knows how to take pictures and even delete them if the pictures are blurry.  Her sister Izzy is four years old and plays with her mom’s new phone all day long.  Charlotte loves to scroll through her mom’s old pictures.

A non profit organization called Common Sense Media performed a survey in 2013 about children’s media use. “ A survey of 1463 parents of children under eight years old found that 38% of children 2 years and under had mobile devices like iphones, tablets or kindles.  Two years ago, the survey showed that children 8 and under had similar technology, indicating a drastic change in the age being younger when children have electronic devices”.

Many children in America under 13 have one today.  The reason children get phones is too be safe and can call for help when needed.  In some situations kids are at home alone everyday.  Parents give them a phone because if anything bad happens the child can call for help or call their parents.  Also, they have a means of communication with their friends and family.

Parents don’t buy an old phone they buy a new phone because kids want the newest technology.  Kids want to play games, listen to music and watch videos.  When they have those privileges, they might watch inappropriate videos, listen to inappropriate music or play inappropriate games behind their parents’ backs.

Having a phone is a big responsibility.  You have to take care of it because it is expensive and fragile and it has personal information.  You have to keep it from getting damaged, stolen, lost and hacked.

Eight and under is too young for a phone because they are not mature and not responsible.  Ten and over is a good age to think about having a phone because they know the importance of keeping stuff safe and secure.  It depends on the maturity of the child, but it is mostly up to the parents.

— written by Jack R.

About the Author

Jack R. is a sixth grader in Canyon Vista Middle School. He likes football and likes to spend time with his family and friends. He has one little brother and two cats. He plays the drums and likes to draw.

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