How Can We Stop Cyberbullies

How Can We Stop Cyberbullies

In the last 3 years cyberbullies have been a huge problem.  Many girls and boys have been driven to kill themselves all because of the social world.  

Facebook, Instagram, twitter,and kik all web sites kids and teens have used, and the virtual world that killed them on the inside.

I think if we stopped these apps or maybe maybe had a greater consequences for cyberbullying we could take small steps to stopping this. If you are being bullied then don’t just leave it alone you should tell an adult or if it gets very serious then you should delete your account. Dont be scared to tell your parents are family members cause who knows they could have been a victim of this to. Cyberbullying has gotten so big if you take your life away then the person who made you will go to court and have charges filed against them. This stuff is not a joke we need to stop this. It is not hard to delete an account one simple click can change your life., If you can’t talk to your parents about go to counseling.

A lot of the kids who are getting bullied might have something different about them. They could have a disease maybe they have special needs. And the bullies just want to feel like they have power. Maybe they are a different race. Kennedy Kerry of the Washington Post said, “Bucyrus had a bullying problem, and city officials wanted to do more than punish students and react to incidents; rather, they wanted to stop the bullying before it began.” It does no good to let the bullying happen and then fix it, It is better to not have it at all. “Two children in every classroom in America are estimated to miss at least one day of school each month because they feel unsafe. ”  They don’t feel safe because they know that the bullying isn’t going to stop at school because it is going to get worse. These apps may be fun because you are talking to your friends. But once you see that people have power to saying anything. You can see its not safe.

Thats why all these apps should be stopped or have rules.

— written by Delaney W.

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