Football is Friendly

Football is Friendly

A lot of people think football is not safe and can injure you but  football has a lot of bright sides too.

The chance of getting a concussion is between 4 and 20% as it says so in the concussion statics.And that is for the NFL. The football kids play, are different  they stop right when they get tackled and they do not hit hard as the NFL and there are ways football can help you by improving your reflexes and hand eye coordination . Even  if a kid does get injured they get another thing  to do in sports.

In an article by the Tampa Bay Times there was a kid who got injured in football and got a career in technology after his coach told him he can record the games and he got hooked to technology and that is great for a kid who likes athletics gets hooked to something else that starts a career in the field of technology . There might be some things you have to be cautious about but overall  football is safe to play. Even in other sports you can get hurt like soccer and basketball.

Football can even start a career in your life if you get good at it you can make it to the pros where you can get a lot of money by just doing what you like. Football is a good sport if you know what to do and how to not cause injuries or injure yourself.  Football is safe but kids play it a different way than older men in the pros and there are coaches to help them and make them athletic, football is a safe game for you.

— by Fardeen Maredia.

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