Does Homework Add Up?

Homework 1

It’s every students worst fear, homework! It limits the students time to do fun things, and makes them stressed when they do it. But is it worth the time and the work?

And is any environment ok for doing home work?

Teachers give homework for a different reason though, for practice. But is it really true that homework helps the subject it’s in? There are different answers to this but your brain is not a muscle according to The “Homework Squabbles” by the New York Times. It started from our jealousy of the Soviet Sputnik and Chinese students doing 6 hours of homework after breakfast. The next time was the parents saying “is my child falling behind”, but maybe homework won’t help that cause.

homework 2

Homework is basicly practice teachers give you to “teach” you the subject that its in. Again your brain isn’t a muscle so homework is stressful and its scary to see your grade lacking because of 70% on home work. But homework is always there when it comes to school and probably always will be there. Have you had one of those days where you had way too much homework that your whole day was homework, well i have too but for now you just have to survive through it.

Even then homework will probably not change but things about it might. Teachers say doing homework in your bed is bad and in a cluttered loud environment is bad too. But really you should be relaxed or in the area that suits your expectation. Doing homework in your bed is not bad in any way only there is a teacher telling you not to do it. The conflict really depends on your perspective but there is no negative effects of doing it in bed. The loud environment means you can’t concentrate but really for some people it isn’t that way and in many it may be the opposite.

If homework doesn’t change then students will live on. but if it changes students will learn more rather than being overstressed, on the flip side homework may give opportunities to work together with classmates or a brother or sister (or a pet)! Overall it is hard to say anything good about homework but it is good in its own ways.

If students want to change homework they need a parent to agree and speak up because chances are you can’t speak up alone. Homework is a minor thing that makes a big difference and you can change it.

— written by Nathaniel Lawrence.

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