Danish Zoo Kills a “Surplus” Giraffe

A giraffe named Marius was shot and died at the Danish Zoo on a Sunday 2/9/14, and was only 2 years old.

He was 11 feet and 6 inches tall. He was fed to the lions after being killed.

The zookeeper killed him, even though he was in good health, but because he had baby giraffes in lots of European zoos. But people did not like this reason.The zoo received death threats after not accepting adoptions from other zoos, as well as a bid of $682,000from someone willing to take Marius in.

One group, Animal Rights Sweden, urged people not to go to zoos anymore as a protest, The Associated Press reported. “It’s no secret animals are killed when there’s no more space,or if the the animals aren’t interesting enough,” the organization said in a statement.

Marius was born at the Copenhagan zoo, where there’s seven reticulated giraffes. The species is not endangered, but is being hunted and there’s habitat loss. “A giraffe is not a pet; it’s not like a dog or a cat”, Bengt Holst, the zoo’s scientific director, said by telephone. “It’s a wild animal.”Mr. Holst said he had decided against having Marius go to another zoo because if he did there would be lots of breeding and potentially removed a place for a giraffe’s genetic makeup’s more valuable in terms of future offsprings in captive breeding programs. He seemed off guard by public protests, calling it “totally out of proportion.”

Some protesters’ said, ”If you kill a giraffe I’ll kill you,” He said. “It’s insane.”

“We don’t do it to be cruel; we do it to have a healthy population,” Mr. Holst added. “You have to breed them to make sure their population’s renewed.”

For individual offers, he said giraffes are animals that need to be in a group. “Giraffes are allowed to breed in captivity because it’s part of their natural behavior in the wild.”Mr. Holst said, even though it can produce what’s called a “surplus animal.”

“As long as they’re with us,” he said,”we want them to have a good life, with as much natural behavior as possible.”

Marius wasn’t fully grown, he said:he could have grown some more.

Officials used a shotgun to kill Marius  so his meat would be safe for the lions to eat. There is some left over. “We still have meat ,” Mr. Holst said. “It’s just meat that can be fed to every animal.”

— written by Mathilda M.

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