Body Cameras For Cops?

Our World is full of technology, we can use some of the technology we have today to help bring an end to crime, they are Body Cameras.
Body Cameras can film evidence of the crime so that it could give actual proof that what happened during the crime so they could find what crime someone has committed.

Body Cameras can also identify the suspect and what he could be carrying that could potentially harm someone. Body Cameras can also give a perspective of what the Police Officer is seeing. Body Cameras could protect a Police Officer from claims of brutality or inappropriate behavior.According to an NBC news article, since the incidence in Ferguson, Missouri many people including Michael Brown’s Family called for the Police to start wearing Body Cameras. If not many Police Officers are wearing Body Cameras in some cities, they should ALL wear Body Cameras in major cities full of crime especially in Chicago. These are some important reasons why Police Officers should adjust to wearing Body Cameras.

About the Author

Patrick I. is 12-year-old 6th grader from Canyon Vista Middle School in the Capital of Texas, home of the UT Longhorns.   He was born and raised in the same City he is currently  living in now with his Parents and his two pets which are both Yorkshire Terriers. When he has nothing to do, he likes to draw.

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