Are we treating animals right? Should we eat them?

Are we treating animals right?  Should we eat them?

It’s not enough for people to confine barn animals in cages their whole lives in factory farms. They go the extra step to make the animals produce larger litters and grow at faster rates, causing misery and even death for them.

To this day there are no federal laws on how food animals are raised, leading in a right to treat animals in a miserable way. Instead of giving the animals a basic decency, our government increased meat producers’ profits. Put yourself in the animals’ position. You are living with your mother, all happy, and then you, and your whole cow family are heading towards a building. Some of your family knows what is coming, but you don’t have a clue what is coming for you. You suddenly aren’t curious what’s in the building. Your family slowly goes one by one into the building, and your heart shatters as you know they will never come out.

As stated by the New York Times article, “Eating Meat Is Also Animal Abuse”, we kill and eat 58 billion animals per year, not including fish. Stories about eating dogs and cats in China or Korea, or the killing of dolphins in Japan, result in online comments that “those people” are barbaric — made by people who have no problem eating pigs, cows, chicken and fish. Said by the PETA Prime article, Yes, It’s True: Humans Aren’t Meant to Eat Meat, Humans aren’t omnivores at all, we’re natural herbivores. We thrive best when we eat only plants. Of course, people eat meat all the time, but our bodies are not well-adapted to meat-eating, and as a result, many people face a greater risk for health problems.  Saying that humans are natural meat-eaters is like saying that humans are natural smokers.

Carnivores are not good for the environment. They are the cause that millions of animals are killed, because of the terrible hunger of the meat eaters.

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