Are We Recording Too Much?

Two criminals are doing a drug trade when they hear the cops coming. Nobody is around to see them though, how they get busted? With a small camera placed by animal control to help find ever someone saw it from the camera and called the police. Many more criminals got busted because of cameras placed by the police and people. That is one reason why we need cameras in our life.

As I said many criminals have got caught by these cameras, but not just criminals. Since they cameras get cheaper more and more shop owners and households can have them. also since they’re smaller many more scientists can use them like in many cases where they have put them on birds and wolves to help learn more about their daily activities and where they are not safe. Also with the amount of police brutality in the news lately all have been caught on the dash cam(camera mounted on cars) on the cars and have allowed them to add more cameras, and catch even more bad things.. Also mainly in russia they have really untrust worthing insurance companies so most people have dash cams to prove that they 1 were not the cause 2 that the accident happened. The webcams can be use for cool stuff as well like jumping out a airplane or in russia you can see the that hit a few months ago  meteor in 6! different views here.

All mobile cameras can help use capture special moments quick and simple they can be used in car crashes, criminals, police brutality,animals and with go pros we can capture insane stunts in a fpv(first person view like skydiving, rock climbing, snorkeling, and some other crazy stuff now some people say that we record to much invading people’s privacy now that might be true but there are some thing we can do to prevent this. We can track who bought a camera and if they seem  suspicious we can track down the cameras and see what they have recorded and bust them if there’s bad stuff. We also could track the location to see where they go like in the Grand Canyon or an illegal place. Those are reasons why we do not record too much. So those are my points i’m signing off now, ta ta…

About the Author

Ben C. lives in Austin Texas with his family who loves video games and puzzles.

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