Animals Are People Too!

j.h. animals 1Kittens, puppies, ducklings, monkeys, lions, tigers – these are only a few animals that don’t have the rights that they deserve.

Would you like it if you were only aloud to live in a cage, pacing back and forth with nothing to do? These are the only rights that most animals have.

What if you were an animal? Humans would probably cage you up. And that’s it. The ending to all fun. This is why I think that  animals just like us have rights to certain things like being able to run free. A lot of animals desire this.

j.h. animals 2But there is a solution! We could let animals be free in the wild instead of capturing them and putting them into boxed up cages. Just think about it – $4.2 billion are contributed to fishermen to capture fish for many reasons. But they also capture other animals while they are doing this. They don’t mean to, but why do it if it’s hurting the environment? Most fish should have rights to not being captured – same with other animals in the ocean! And not just ocean animals. It can be any animal on land or in the sea.

The government needs to help us with this problem. Mr. Wise, (  once a subject for The New York Times ) j.h. animals 3was a criminal defense lawyer. But when he read a book on animal rights, it has inspired him so much that he decided to give justice to animal rights!  He has now spent over 30 years gaining his strategy and trying to achieve his goal for animal personhood rights. Also an organization called The Animal Rights National Conference (2015 ) who is trying to let animals have the freedom to do things that we humans do!

It is so important to let animals have certain freedoms because it allows them to live a life that is worth to be lived! They need freedom and rights just like we do. Animals are basically human too, just in different size, shape, or color. So treat animals like they were your parents, friends, cousins, or even you! Treat animals the way you would want to be treated. Animals are people too!

About the Author

Josie H.  loves animals. They make her so happy and it hurts her to see them when they’re in pain.

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