An Inhumane Act

An Inhumane Act

Did you know that quite a few zoos have been killing innocent giraffes?

In the New York times appears a story, about how a danish zoo kills an “Surplus” Giraffe, because his genes were well represented among the captive population of giraffes in european zoos! This is insane, and that there was no reason whatsoever to kill an innocent giraffe,that was not harming any animal or anyone in the zoo, or anywhere else.

marius 2

Though giraffes may not be endangered, they are still important living things, and killing them is not going to help anybody.

This giraffe’s name was Marius, who was 11 feet, and 6 inches tall, and after he was killed, he was fed to the zoo’s lions and other big cats. I would think that that is a cruel thing to do to an innocent 2 year old giraffe, but apparently some people don’t –

“ A giraffe is not a pet; it’s not like a dog or cat that become part of the family,” Bengt Holst, the zoo’s scientific director said on the telephone. “ It is a wild animal.” Mr. Holst doesn’t care about the giraffe, and thinks that they are useless wild animals, which is untrue.

As a solution, there were nearly 30,000 online signatures from those who did not want Marius killed, the zoo officials received death threats after they turned down the adoption offers from other zoos, and people said ‘ If you kill the giraffe, I’ll kill you’-(before).

Also, Mr. Holst said that “ we don’t do it to be cruel; we do it to ensure a healthy population.”

Mr.Holst is wrong in this, because Marius wasn’t in any way unhealthy, and, what the zoo did was very mean, and immensely cruel.

After all of this, I think that this zoo should not be allowed to keep giraffes after this incident. I mean, if this zoo is going to keep on killing giraffes like this, then why should they be allowed to keep giraffes at all?

Anyway, giraffes are not endangered yet, and hopefully these tall, long-necked, animals will never be gone.

 by Keya Sampat

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