America’s Football Future

Injuries are a major problem in the NFL.   Most people stand and are silent at the games when there is a bad injury because they are scared for the guy that got injured. Almost every game in the NFL someone gets injured. We need to get more safety in football.

Statistics show that NFL players live a lot shorter than the average american human. According to Los Angeles Times article, “Summer of Tragedy,” 12 players have already died from head injuries and collapsing on the field one as young as 13, and one as old as 36. This is all because people are always hitting each other and that damages their bodies. If you get head injuries that could ruin your whole life, it can make you have brain damage. Participation in Pop Warner youth football leagues dropped 9.5% from 2010 to 2012, according to a report in 2013 by all because of football safety. This begs a big question, Does American football have a future?

One reason we can make the safety of the game better, is to increase the helmets padding. Maybe we can make the layer of the plastic thicker on the outside and the pads in the middle more soft and protective. Also we can make the helmets shaped in a way that makes it harder to get brain damage. Just like the new helmet called the octagon, it is meant to prevent concussions.

All of these injuries make the parents and people of america concerned, and make people want to stop playing football, because they are afraid of what could happen to them. There has even been a case about football safety. So this begs a big question, Does american football have a future?

About the Author

H!  Ryan L. is a 6th grader and he loves sports and animals.

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