Americans Should Not Trust the Government

Americans Should Not Trust the Government


Isis Conflict.

Syrian War.

NSA surveillance.

The Great Recession

The list continues…

These events devastated the U.S., and the Government failed to stop them.  Do you still trust the Government?

This portrays that the Government cannot stop all the disasters you think they can stop… Yes, it is difficult to handle more than 300 million people. Yes, all the politicians have a lot of things to take care of. Yes, political leaders have to discuss issues with other countries. But, these leaders committed to their countries, and they have to keep up with what they were meant to do, lead the U.S!

The American economy is not better than the Government. According to the “New York times”, 49 percent of all Americans says that the economy is at a standstill, and 36 percent say the economy is getting worse. This states that most of the Americans are not sure about the economy, and are starting to lean into distrust. Also two-thirds say that wealth should be distributed evenly.

Many Americans assume their lives are private, but the NSA surveillance is extracting audio, video, photographs. The Government is watching your every movement, from what you are browsing on the media to using using public space cameras to spy on you. According to “Salon”, the Government operates a vast database, which allows it to sift through millions of records on the internet to show nearly everything a person does. Citizen privacy is something that should stay out of the Government reach.

Clearly, this is an issue getting worse, so we need a solution… To save our country, the Government should start start looking to the future of the U.S.A, look at the leaders that will lead us, the solution is to look at our country’s education and explore important things that must be taken care of such as, end poverty in the world, education, space exploration, peace with countries, and spreading money more equally between society.
To conclude, the Government should not be trusted and this situation is going to get worse without the citizens help. This distrust is getting bigger and bigger and only we can stop it.

— written by Neal J.

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