Human Rights for Animals

Human Rights for Animals

If you were an animal would you like to be imprisoned in a cage?

Or would you rather be a test subject and get needles jammed into your body?

Wouldn’t you like to be free and in your natural habitat with your family?  If we give certain animals human rights, they can be free to enjoy their life.

About every month a few barn animals come to the back of my backyard. There is a man who takes care of those animals. They travelled far through the woods to get there. Every time I saw those animals I’d feed them but I noticed how hungry they were. They were clearly abused and if the United States put an animal rights law into effect then whoever isn’t feeding them would be breaking the law.

Some ask how an animal without rights can become a person with rights and they say animals can’t, but in December 2013 a few lawyers show the world how an animal can change from a thing without rights to a person with legal protections. Those lawyers are going against animal abuse.

Scientists usually use animals with great intelligence to be their lab rats. New York Times say that “Chimps, elephants, whales, and dolphins have unusually high levels of intelligence.” Since those animals are so smart they’re used for our entertainment like circuses, performances, and zoos. Those animals have to be trained, and sometimes they make mistakes. When an animal makes a mistake mosts owners think that they did it on purpose. The punishment for that mistake can lead to animal abuse. Animals often get abused when humans want to train them.

We treat animals as property and barely give them rights at all. Animals are abused every day in the United States, but the Nonhuman Rights Project is working through the common law to achieve legal rights for other species. Some animals might be better off with being held as a pet like cats and dogs, but wild animals should have rights. Wild animals deserve to be in the wild, not as a house pet.

Certain animals deserve human rights. In order for animals to respect us we have to respect them. We can’t keep holding them captive or hitting them every time they do a wrong deed. Animals need to be in the outdoors where they came from and where they belong. Animals should have the right to leave captivity when they want and not get dragged back by animal shelters and lost posters. They need to be free and have human rights.

— written by Jackie B.

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